Why use J-Jays

It doesn’t matter what you buy or what services you engage a company needs to be bigger enough to handle your needs but small enough to give personal attention.  Jumping J-Jays is a franchise of owner operators.  These franchisees give you great jumping castle service in the backyard.  The head office gives you great support when you book and our communication with you in our marketing.

Unfortunately in the amusement industry there is a high rate of cancellations by the supplier with the customer.

Most castle operators in Australia are very small businesses.  They operate a castle company on weekends or as a hobby or as a way to make some extra cash on weekends.  However those operators’ circumstances change and your booking will get cancelled.

10 years ago we would receive at least 2-4 calls on weekends from mums, dads and business looking for a late minute castle because the one they booked with another local supplier has failed to turn up or called in giving excuses about why their castle is not there. In 2013 it is around 6-8 per weekend.

True Story: I took a booking recently was from a lady who called around 11am on a Saturday and she said that her castle company called and said they were not coming because it was raining in Dural where they live. However the customer was in Quakers Hill and they had no rain.  It did not matter what the customer said to the supplier they would not come.  She called Jumping J-Jays after most other people she found could not help and we delivered a castle in time with a rain cover and the customer and kids happy and the kids did were left to party outdoors.

The castle business to jumping J-Jays is a full time business.  It is a franchised business structure where our franchisees and head office have invested millions of dollars in the inflatable amusement industry.  With so much invested and so much to lose they try harder and work longer to make our parties and customers a success.

The CEO, John Newton runs a tight ship in this business and the franchisee model holds all our investors accountable and they deliver all Jobs.  Since 1997 we have become Australia’s safest and most reliable castle company.  To prove that we offer a ONTIME delivery guarantee

ontime guarantee water slide

Best deal around, if we are late for whatever reason we will give you a free castle







John Newton, founder of Jumping J-jays gives advice and is called upon worldwide for legal advice or testimony for inflatable amusements.  Unfortunately with so many backyard dodgers in this industry in Australia and America accidents seems to happen.  In 16 years of business Jumping  J-Jays has never had an insurance claim.  This is purely because we over engineer our castles and give stringent training to our franchisees to give you the best job possible.

Check out The Inflatable Safety Expert here.

Don’t rent a Netted Walled Castle

A Jumping Castle should not have netted walls.  Netted walls are an American style inflatable where kids do not have anything inflatable to bounce off.  Hence your kids will only be able to jump up and down.  BORING!!  Stock with a company that gives fully inflatable wall for fun but to also hold up the structure especially if the kids start to bounce into the sides of the walls which they do all the time.

Cutting Edge Inflatables

We design our own castles here in Brisbane and Melbourne.  With unique designs you can be certain to make yoru party pop for yoru friends and guests.  Check out th enew inflatable called the fun factory.

If you need help support then call 1300227853 or if you want to speak to our founder then ask to be put through to John and he will make sure your situation is solved.