The Fun Factory

This new inflatable was developed and engineered by John Newton of Jumping J-Jays in 2012.  The inflatable is regarded as the most feature-packed on the Australian market.  Each inflatable in the MAXI SIZE comes with 15 features all inside this action filled amusement.

The inflatable is anchored by the patented technology owned by Jumping J-Jays and its franchisees.  This technology is called the Interactive.  This allows the castle to move or rise or adjust every 60 seconds whilst the main inflatable stays sturdy.

What’s inside the jumping fun factory:

  • Moving Mouth
  • Moving punching bags
  • Bucking bronco
  • Chair lifts
  • Sky tower that sits high in the sky
  • Spiral uplimb
  • Slide
  • …and many more features

In 2013 the regular sized fun factory was release which is our smaller version that allows us to take this incredible castle into all backyards.

Maxi Size will take 12 kids at a time with up to 12 or so kids.  Need 6m x 7m

REGULAR Size will take 8 kids at a time with 8 bouncers.  You need 4m x 4m to fit it in.


They are all obviously supplied like all the Jumping J-Jays inflatable’s with a shade cover and rain cover and delivered to your home for free installation.

So it does not matter if you’re having the party in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra or other regional areas we have the inflatable that si right for you.  Starting from just $295.

Fun Factory3

The greatest inflatable every available in Australia