Netted Walls a NO-NO for safety in a Jumping Castle – CHILD SAFETY ALERT

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This is an important Safety Advice for Inflatable’s with Netted Walls so before you rent a jumping castle or bouncy slide for your next birthday or event then read this article.  I have 15 years experience in the industry.  I am a  manufacturer, I am an approved trainer, I am the Franchisor and I care about the safety of kids before profits.
Netted Walled Castles – Do not jump against the sides why?

  • No way for kids safely to bounce against the nets
  • No protection against strong wind
  • No solid structural support and no rebound
  • No consistency in netting quality and density
  • No rain protection
  • Small netted holes that grab teeth, facial jewellery and small fingers.

In my experience with over 10,000 inflatable rentals every year, I have never seen an inflatable with netted walls that could support 8-12 kids bouncing in and around the walls without collapsing.  You have a choice when renting, choose inflatable walls for peace of mind.


7.1 Air pressure
The minimum air pressure inside the inflatable device shall in all cases be sufficient to give a firm and reliable footing and adequately support the superstructure
Playing areas, platforms, steps and ramps shall support the weight of the largest (heaviest) user for whom the inflatable is designed without grounding.  When tested in accordance with the method in Appendix C the appropriate weight shall remain supported by the inflatable at each test point
Containing walls and towers shall be strong enough to contain the largest user for whom the inflatable is designed
The inflatable device shall support itself and any attachments included in the design under all operational load conditions (this is the biggest issue for netted walls)

At Jumping J-Jays it costs more money to build a castle with inflatable walls.  At Jumping J-Jays castles with inflatable walls weigh much more then the cheaper netted walled versions.  So we pay more and work harder for your event but that is our CHOICE to keep safety within the amusement industry.
John Newton
Founder and Franchisor of Jumping J-Jays

How to beat the Weather when renting a Jumping Castle

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So you’re having an outside birthday party and of course the weather plays an important part of the perceived likely success of your function.  It is not just rain that can upset a party but also the heat. I founded Jumping J-Jays in 1997 and I have had people ecstatic about the weather and shout me a beer at their home and I have had others cry to me about the weather.

Question: So how do you take the emotion out of weather so you can power on with the party?
First let’s point out the usual concerns:

  1. It may rain on the party day and the kids will get wet.
  2. It may be too hot for kids to jump or be outside for the party.

Answer: Don’t predict the weather, do not start looking at a 7 day forecast, just prepare for a good day and do not let your emotions cloud your judgement.

If it was to shower or rain how can we operate the castle?

Think about or head outside and explore what structures you have that we can butt the inflatable up to?  Below are the 3 options that most people have
Hills Hoist – most of us have them? Put a tarp over it then install castle hard up against it
Patio or Pergola – These are common with at least 70% of the parties I attend
Garage – Open the roller door and install the castle close up to that
The rain covers supplied at Jumping J-Jays will keep the castle around 80% dry.  It hardly rains all day so it is highly likely that the kids will still all enjoy the castle. Kids are resilient it is just us parents that want everything perfect.

If it was to be 35 degrees and hot how can we operate the castle?

All inflatable’s have shade covers that are sewn in and included as part of our rental.  This keeps the direct sunlight of the vinyl.  If it did not have the shade cover then you would not be able to touch the vinyl on a 30 degree day after 10 minutes.  So always rent with an airy shade cover like Jumping J-Jays have.

A lot of Jumping J-Jays castles have Air Cooling which is a patented technology from Jumping J-Jays. This has been tested on a 35 degree day and it decreased the temperature inside the bouncy room by 12%.  Not a bad effort under direct sunlight.

If you have the option you can put the inflatable indoors.  Our regular Jump & Slides and our happy birthday and blast off castles are all 3.2m tall.  So check out what you height you have by visiting our Q&A on the Jumping J-Jays website or call 1300 227853 and ask.

Add some water spray.  We do not mind you spraying the kids or the castles down.  That does not mean stream the hose on them or leave hose running in the castle.  It is strictly spraying them to cool down.  You cannot do this in the last 30 minutes of the function as it needs to dry before the Jumping J-Jays installer packs up.

Hire a water slide.  These slides are quite awesome as they have an inbuilt pool inside.  In fact we are the only company to build this style where there is a pool built inside which allows the splash but also stops the kids having to get on and off after landing in the pool.  All they do is stand up and climb up again making it very safe.

I hope that helps a little with your party day preparation.  There are not too many hire companies in Australia that have both the separate shade and rain covers.  It costs Jumping J-Jays more money and engineering to make these available for your castles and slides but we want to be certain that the inflatable’s can be used in all conditions.


John Newton

Franchisor and Founder of Jumping J-Jays

Birthday Parties on a Budget

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With the economy changing there are more and more parents looking for alternatives to their kids birthday that will not break the bank.The team here at Jumping J-Jays understand that you cannot stop having a birthday for your child, but we all need to work on providing a birthday event that is based on your budget. Within this e-book are a few tips we are giving parents to bring down the cost of the birthday event.


After being a provider of over 20,000 inflatable party rentals a year, I have been lucky enough to attend a lot of backyard birthday parties.

One thing that stands out more then anything is that the parents provide more then they need for the birthday. They provide extreme parties when the child just wants to have a few friends over to their home from school and have some fun for their birthday./p>

You know if you are one of those parents that believe you need multiple events or activities for a birthday.  You over buy, you over decorate, you over order, you over invite and ultimately you over spend for the birthday./p>

This year, might be the year where you provide the ease of a home party but working within a budget.

The business Jumping J-Jays specializes in is the under 12 year old birthday parties.


Something in our house that is a good fun idea that my young girls just love is to bake their own cake at home.

If you are wanting to surprise the birthday child then let your other kids join in to make the cake as a surprise for the birthday child.

There are great decorating idea found on the internet that allows you to make and theme birthday cakes to suit your budget.

So for the cake, bake it yourself or decorate a plain cake purchased from the supermarket rather than having one custom made.


Keep it simple!
There are around 10 generic party themes available at your local discount store.  Be flexible with your party theme choice.
Learn to adapt a theme to your party.  If your having a Disney Princess Party, then you can use a fairy theme or a princess theme or a unicorn theme or a pink theme or a enchanted theme and so on.
Supplies are a lot cheaper at a discount store or supermarket then at a specialized party store. Do not buy online as the fright costs alone will equal the total cost of the decorations if bought from a local discount store
DIY balloon kits are perfect for all birthdays.  Do not buy foil balloons you do not need it and the kids will never complain or be that fussed.  Purchase one foil balloon as the centrepiece but then make the other balloons coloured and fun.
Free party Invitations are available on this website.  Go to and click KIDZ CLUB.


Any human characters you rent that are credible will be over $200 an hour.  Any equipment you rent that is electronic will only entertain 1-2 children at a time.

So what do you do with the 10 kids coming to the party?

Rent a “jumping thing” that does not have the frills.  Most kids will have just as much fun on a regular jump house.  The kids will have FUN on any inflatable.
By renting an inflatable for 4 hours it covers all party situations and the full duration of the party.  There are over 30 themes available at Jumping J-Jays so there is sure to be several that would suit your party theme.
You need no other party games then the jumping inflatable so do not do any more. Remember no other games.  Trust me 15 years of providing entertainment you have it all covered with an inflatable.


If your party is for kids 5 to 12 years old then do not ask the parents of the kids to stay. You need to make that clear when inviting.
An easy way to inform parents of this (if your non confrontational) is to say it on the invitation. Try adding this line to your invitations:
“You should pickup your son/daughter at 2pm when the party finishes’”(It is subtle but to the point)
However if parents are invited then do not provide alcoholic beverages.


Have the birthday party between:
9:30 and 11:30
1:30 to 4:30. 
This makes it clear that you do not need to provide lunch or dinner.  Make it a 2 hour party which is about 80% of the parties that we provide for.


I hope this helps in the preparation of your party.
From the experience at Jumping J-Jays, Jumping castles and slides are a great budget entertainment that works at most home based parties.
A typical mum makes more of a deal about a birthday party then needed.
Chill out and the kids will have fun.
Rent a safe inflatable from Jumping J-Jays


John Newton

Party Games on a Jumping J-Jays Jumping Castle

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Welcome to the world of endless fun on a jumping castle.

Jumping castles have multiple names worldwide which include party castles, bounce houses,  jump houses, bouncy castles, moonwalks, jumpers, space jumps, ninja jumps and many, many more names.

They all mean the same device, which is a plurality of intertwined vinyl pieces that has forced air pushed into it for the purpose of kids bouncing and rebounding.

A jumping castle can be more than just bouncing and we have prepared this book to allow you to see what other parents have done to entertain kids at parties.

Each game will depend on what inflatable you have rented for your party.  Plus each inflatable has different characteristics from the Traditional Castle to the Moving Mouths.

Hot Potato Balloons

The purpose of this game is for the kids, who have to bounce at all times, to never let the balloons hit the floor.

Use a ratio of 1 balloon for every 3 kids that start. So if there are 12 kids at the start then you will need 4 balloons inside. Have the kids begin to bounce then start feeding in the balloons, 1 at a time.  It is a team game and everyone stays on unless they stop bouncing.  Non-bouncers move off but the same number of balloons stay in the game.

To vary it with older kids or to offer more challenge, then do not let the kids touch the balloon with their hands. They should use other parts of their body and arms only.  Also you can add more balloons than the ratio of 3 to 1.

Best played in a traditional castle

Who can JUMP like Kangaroos?

The purpose of this game is to see who can hop the longest while hopping from left to right on the jumping castle.

Five kids start on the left side of the castle and take giant hops to see who can hop the furthest. A hop is done by putting both feet together and jumping from a standing start.

Best played in a traditional castle

Don’t get CHOMPED

The purpose of the game is to do as many laps inside the Moving Mouth castle between when the mouth turns off till it closes and you get CHOMPED!

This game is played on one of the Moving Mouths.  These inflatables have an opening and closing mouth inside that lifts the children to the top of the slide.

Each child starts from the front door and runs through the bounce room and up the mouth ladder and down the slide and through the bouncy doorway and keep repeating till the mouth CHOMPS.

It is one child at a time and great for the competitive 5 to 10 year olds.  Have all the kids count the number of circuits the contestant is up to.  On a Large Moving Mouth I have seen up to 7 circuits completed before they get CHOMPED by the closing mouth.

Best played in an Moving Mouth castle

Inflatable Statues

The purpose is to play an upbeat range of children’s music and the children bounce around on the castle till the music stops and they have to remain as statues.
As the kids bounce, jump and hop and even dance you control the music and let it run for sets of about 15 to 30 seconds. When the music stops, the kids have to FREEZE. The last child to freeze has to come out of the castle and watch from the ground. The winner is the last person in the castle.
Best played in any Castle

Buzz-Bomb Balloons

The purpose of this game is to aim balloons that are inflated (but not tied) at a target located on the inside of the castle to see who hits it.
Tape a target (or just a themed picture) to the inside wall of the castle. Split kids into teams of about 5 each and advise of the point structure. 5 points per direct hit works well. All players, 1 team at a time bounce on the castle and have to inflate their balloon and pinch the end and not tie.

When the adult who is outside the castle says “J, J, S, GO!” the players release their balloons in the direction of the target.

This game works well with teams. Each team goes separately and each team should launch their balloons 5 times each turn while combining all the points.

Best played in a Traditional castle

Jumping J-Jays says….

The purpose of this game is to make a statement, show the action, the kids follow and have to continue with that action till you say something new.  If they change action without the magic words then they are out.

Similar to the Simon Says game!

All the kids should stand in the castle, facing the parent who is outside. The parent starts off by calling out ‘Jumping J-Jays says do this’ …and then follows through by showing the action. All the children have to copy the action. Have a few trials before starting the game.

…Jumping J-Jays says to put your hand on your head
…Jumping J-Jays says to hop on one leg

However, if the parent says ‘Do this’ (followed by the action) without saying Jumping J-Jays at the beginning, then the children should ignore the instruction.
The children that do not ignore the ‘Do this’ instruction, need to sit out of the castle until the game is completed.

Best played in any Castle

Balloon War

Select teams, give out water balloon and have a free for all water war with the balloons.

Best played in any Castle

Balloon Pop

The purpose of this game is to try and stomp and pop fellow jumpers’ balloons that are attached to their ankles.

This crazy game requires a lot of movement and is best when you have 6 or more people playing and moving around the castle and slides. Blow up balloons and tie a rubber band to each of them.

Put a balloon around each player’s ankle by stretching the rubber over their foot.

If you want you can put a balloon on each ankle. No shoes on the castle.

Play some music and have everyone stomp around, trying step on and pop other player’s balloons. Whoever has the last balloon left around their ankle is the winner!

Best played in any Castle

Balloon GRAB

The purpose of this game is to try and pickup and hold as many balloons as you can in 2 minutes.

Blow up 15 – 20 balloons, place them throughout the castle. If you are using a Jump & Slide/Moving Mouth then put several in the jump room and others throughout the slide areas. Each person is given 2 minutes to see how many balloons they can pick up and hold.

Each person takes a turn while the others stand out on the ground and cheer the players on. Whoever held the most balloons at the end of their time wins.Each person must play on their own, so no helpers.

Best played in any Castle

Woolly Spiders Web

The purpose of this game is to build a woollen spider’s web that intertwines all the players while on the castle.

Have all the children form a large circle on the bounce floor of the castle and give them all a large ball of wool each. Try to use different shades of wool as this makes a much more interesting and bright web.

Have each child tie the end of the wool loosely around their waist. When everyone is done, each person throws their ball of wool to someone else in the circle, preferably all at the same time. They then put the wool around their waist and throw it to someone else. This continues until they run out of wool.

To add some variety, they can wrap the wool around legs, arms, etc.
However, No wrapping wool around anyone’s neck or head.

At the end what they have created is a massive spider’s web which they can’t get out of very easily. There is hours of fun and entertainment in this game.

Best played in a Traditional castle

Water Balloon Toss

The purpose of this game is to pass around a water filled balloon in a circle that is gradually getting bigger, till it breaks or is dropped.

The game involves groups of 5. Have just one group at a time of the inflatable.

Each team of 5 gets one water filled balloon and starts off at the bottom of the Waterslide or any of the other castles but close enough to hand the balloon to each other in order then back around again.

After each progressive pass around they take half a step backwards to another part of the castle. They continue to pass or toss and catch the balloon. Each round and progressively take a half step backwards each time.
If the balloon breaks or if they drop it on the ground then the last person to touch it is out of the game.

The last child standing wins the prize.

Best played on a Water Slide.

Poor Kitty-Kitty

The purpose of this game is for a blind folded person to capture a prisoner and then try and identify who that person is.

Arrange the group so they are in the bouncing area close to the sides of the castle but not running or changing places. Have a blindfolded player step onto the castle and move into the middle of that group.

Then the group should bounce and move around the edges very quietly, circling the blindfolded player.
The blindfolded player should approach the circle in any direction and secure a victim from the group who, in a disguised voice, says ‘poor kitty’ and then imitates the ‘meow’ of a cat.

If the blindfolded player fails to identify the prisoner then they are released and the game continues. If he/she succeeds, the two change places.

Best played in a Traditional castle

Everyone is a Winner

Parties are a time to have fun, which means all guests should go home smiling. If you are going to provide prizes, try to reward all players just for participating or avoid prizes all together.

Especially if your entertaining very young children who have yet to develop a grasp of sportsmanship. Consider playing most, if not all games without prizes but everyone gets a chocolate or a sticker.

When all of the games are complete…everyone receives their goody bags to take home.


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To understand the Birthday party castles business there needs to be understanding that all castles are not created the same.

Jumping J-Jays and Partycastles have been in business for 16 years are the longest standing jumping castle rental business that caters mainly for the birthday party at home.

How can you be sure Jumping J-Jays is the best for you?

  • We created the combo castle.
  • We invented the moving mouth castles
  • We invented inflatable fencing
  • We created the log books and design requirements that service the nation today
  • We created the first rental hire agreement
  • We designed the training process of showing mums and dads how to operate safely a jumping castles at their home.
  • We created the backyard party market
  • We made themes on a jumping castles the most important part in the hire process
  • First company to manufacture in factories overseas where engineers began taking our drawings into production line concepts and making them the safest in the world.
  • Awards everywhere for excellence in design, franchising, marketing and business.

Welcome to the company we created with all our franchisees past and present.  Thank You for taking the time to look at Jumping J-Jays and our franchisees are determined to make your event as good as if it was their own child’s birthday party. If your looking for a franchise which part-time but still returns around $50k a year minimum then have a look at our franchising website.

John Newton


The Facts About a Water Slides

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There are a lot of water slides for rent out there in the marketplace. As a customer you should understand the differences before handing over your money. Slides are not all the same. You need to ask a series of questions before you rent to make sure your kids and your guests do not get sun burnt or injured.

You need a shade cover?

It’s hot that is why you have a slide so why would you rent something that was not protected from the direct sunlight. Each time the kids slide, climb and swim they will get burnt by the sun. Vinyl cannot be touched in when in direct sun? Burnt backs and so on are common.

Pools that hang off the slide

Kids will hit the pool and go over the edge or bottom out on the ground.  Looks nice but the kids have to get out of the pool quick before others come down the slide.  They are also continually walking the water off the slide pool onto the grass and creating massive mud piles.

Worst example of slide

Where kids climb up the back and climb up 2 -4 metres of the ground. They stand up on top then slide down front.  When they get to the ground they have to step of the slide and onto the grass and run all the way to the back (past the large steel pegs) then climb up again.  Hard to SUPERVISE!

No pool so all water runs to your lawn.

So if you rent a slide & you have running water for 4 hours during your party then your yard will be water logged before all the guests arrive, turning the inside and outside of your home into mud.

What you should ask for when renting a slide?

  1. A pool on the inside so kids don’t need to get out of the inflatable. This stops trips and slips while stepping onto the ground all the time.
  2. A pool that is inflatable underneath and not just a piece of vinyl. This will stop kids bottoming out when they land in there.
  3. The slide climbing ladder to be on the front with the slide. Do not rent one where kids climb up the back. If they have to go out the back they need to walk past steel pegs, ropes and all the mud. Avoid slides which have a rope ladder. Foam step ladders are better.
  4. Have a Shade Cover on the inflatable that covers the up-climb and the slide. This will make sure the kids can touch the inflatable with bare skin.
  5. A front wall that stops kids flying out, but also rigid enough to stop the wall rolling over.


NO running water. Unless you want to destroy your yard or grass and waste all that water, go with a slide with a pool that does not need a hose attached to it. The kids wet it as they slide.

Rent safely and ask questions and your kids will have a great time.  Jumping J-Jays carries the latest and safest dry and water slide