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“I am excited to have you visiting, what I consider to be, one of the most unique and satisfying part time weekend businesses in Australia today.”
The expression “zappening wow” is the vibrant energy that spontaneously makes this business so rewarding. The absolute satisfaction of witnessing the expression on the face of a young toddler as the “j-jays man” arrives, castle in tow, into their backyard.
If you are looking for a small business that is absolutely
personally and financially rewarding...This is it! Truly zappening wow!
In business terms, there is the meaningful translation for this unusual terminology. It is the marvelous reality that it is “happening right now” all over the country. Everyday couples are running a jumping j-jays franchise, part time, from home and earning what is for many another full time income.
Also “zappening wow” also means that this is the time, right now, when a critical shift in your possibilities can occur for you.
My role is to help you find your way to success, so let's talk about what you can achieve.
Consider me completely accessible to you, to answer your questions and ensure that you consider all factors, to determine if this is right for you.
My style is very simple. I like to know where we are going and what you need. (See each step under the “Applying” Menu.)
I hope you find your way to “zappening wow” and possibly one that is with Jumping J-Jays.
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